🎨 Paint the Internet with Boosts

🎨 Paint the Internet with Boosts

Boosts are a new way to edit and remix your internet, and share it with friends too!

🖌️ Making Your First Boost

Let’s try Boosting this page to give it your own theme!

Click the Site Settings button in the URL bar, and hit the 🖌️ Paintbrush

(You can also click the ➕ icon at the bottom of the sidebar → New Boost, or press CMD + T and type New Boost)

The Boosts editor lets you change a website’s color, font, dark mode, and much more. You can even ⚡️ zap ⚡️ things to tidy up a site!


💡 Turning Boosts On & Off

Go back to Site Settings to see, edit, and toggle your Boosts. If especially like one, you can even share them with friends!

🔍 Discover New Boosts

Want some inspiration? Check out Boosts Gallery to find the best community Boosts and install ‘em with one click!

(we especially love the ~minimal~ themes for Twitter and Google Calendar)

Want more tips and info about Boosts? Check out the full Boosts guide!