Master your multitasking

Master your multitasking

With Arc, you can glide around your internet with ease — even without a mouse! Here are some speedy ways to hop between tabs, find what you’re looking for, and get more done without stressing out.

Command bar

Our command bar can do anything a mouse can do (maybe better?). Use command bar for things like:

  • Opening a new tab
  • Switching to a tab that’s already open
  • Pulling up an extension
  • Finding a folder tucked away somewhere
  • Creating a new space, folder, even a notion doc
  • Full list of commands

To open command bar:


Split View

See everything you need at once with Split View — no need for managing multiple windows! Split Views become new tabs you can come back to later.

To create a split view:

Drag a tab from the sidebar into the middle of the window
CMD + T → “Add Split View”


It’s like CMD + Tab on your computer, but for tabs not apps!

Just press CTRL + Tab to flip back to your last tab in an instant. Holding down CTRL lets you jump back further, so everything you’re working on is always close at hand.

Mini Player

Watch videos while you scroll, or listen to music while you write! — with media controls always a click away.

To use Mini Player:

Click away from a tab currently playing a video or audio. You’ll notice a small controller appear in the bottom of the sidebar.
  • If it’s a video, you’ll also notice a picture-in-picture window appear.

Little Arc

Little Arc lets you pull something up from the internet without leaving the app you’re in. It also lets you open links in other apps without switching you back to the browser fully, helping you stay on task.

To open Little Arc:

CMD + Option + N

Custom Shortcuts

Get your workflows in specific sites just right with custom shortcuts, or resolve a conflict between Arc and a shortcut you love.

To set a new shortcut:

Go to Arc → Preferences → Shortcuts
CMD + T → “Open Shortcuts”