Find deep focus

Find deep focus

Arc is designed to help you let go of the clutter and distractions that make it hard to focus on what matters. Here are some tips to clear the chaos!

Focus Mode

Turn down the noise and distractions so you can finally finish that long-read or task you’ve been putting off.

To hide or show your sidebar:

Click the sidebar icon at the top left of the sidebar

Split View

Work doesn’t always get done in one tab. See everything you need at once with Split View — no need for managing multiple windows! Split Views become new tabs you can come back to later.

To create a split view:

Drag a tab from the sidebar into the middle of the window
CMD + T → “Add Split View”


See what’s going on in top sites at a glance, without losing what you’re currently doing. Previews show you upcoming meetings, let you join Zoom calls right from the sidebar, and let you see the latest design files, PRs, and tickets from your team.

Previews work automatically for sites including:

  • Gmail, Outlook
  • Google Cal, Outlook Cal
  • Github
  • Notion
  • Figma
  • Linear

Your data is yours

We don’t know which websites you visit nor what you type into the browser, and we don’t sell your data to third parties. We also turn ads off automatically, so you can browse the internet without distractions. Read more about how we handle your data here.