Cure tab overload

Cure tab overload

Life is more than an endless row of tabs. Which is why Arc is designed to put everything in its right place. Here are some tips to get everything in order — just how you like it.


Spaces are like unique sidebars for the different areas of your life: your side projects, your various obsessions, or just keeping work and personal stuff separate.

To create a new space:

Click the + icon at the bottom of the sidebar
CMD + T and type "New Space"

Pinned Tabs

Pin tabs in a space to keep sites you visit all the time, or for things you want to get back to later like a long article or couch you’ve been eyeing.

To pin a tab:

Drag a tab to the area above the line
+ D
+ T and type "Pin to [name of a space]"


Favorites can be accessed from any space — so you might put things like your email, messaging app, and calendar here.

To Favorite a tab:

Drag a tab to the area below the address bar
CMD + T and type "Favorite this Tab"


Got tabs that don’t have any business distracting you anymore? Clear today’s tabs with one click, or let auto-archive do the work for you, it clears out any tabs you didn’t pin each day.

To find your Archive:

Click Archive → “View Archive”
CMD + T → type “View Archive”


See what’s going on in top sites at a glance, without losing what you’re currently doing. Previews show you upcoming meetings, let you join Zoom calls right from the sidebar, and let you see the latest design files, PRs, and tickets from your team.

Previews work automatically for sites including:

  • Gmail, Outlook
  • Google Cal, Outlook Cal
  • Github
  • Notion
  • Figma
  • Linear